Super Bowl News : Big Bets Arrriving

Super Bowl News for 1/30 here at HRWager deals with the wagering of legends.  We all wager with limited means compared to some that like to throw down on the big game.  Floyd Mayweather and others are not adverse to risking eye popping numbers on marquee matchups.  Even some like Frank Bruno will take action from relatives to bolster their own winnings should they come through in upsets for the heavy weight belt.  So here at the HRW, we will see not only the current state of the odds but what one bettor has already plunked down to demonstrate the courage of his convictions.

-3 1/2 to -6 for the Panthers

A line movement of this magnitude in a week can be one of two things or sometimes even both.  The mob of small money investors chipping away with a high percentage of bets.  Or one titanic swing of the bat with a wager that gives the linemakers pause as to what to jump the line to?  In this case, both are true.  Over 85 percent of bets on the spread with an astonishing 90 percent on the Carolina ML have been eclipsed.  Everyone is emptying their cookie jars.  Somewhere in the world, a sports investor went many levels beyond this.  A -190 ML Carolina splurge with a bet of over $620,000.  A win would see his money back plus a profit of near $328K should fortune favor him February 7th.

Where Art Thou Floyd?

Super Bowl News 1 30

Another favorite source of spectacle has been under the radar this week.  Floyd Mayweather pulls no punches in his heavy sports betting ventures.  Tweets of many winning bets make the rounds of social media.  Not so often do we see the clunkers.  Still, the boxing legend does stoke the fires when it comes to the Super Bowl.  When word comes out on which way he leans, we will bring it to you right away.



Almost one week has gone by since the conference championships.  The world seems enamored with the prospects of the Carolina Panthers. Can an aging legend end his career on top?  This is what the few Bronco supporters are hanging their hats on.  Thank you for visiting HRWager and get those sports investment accounts up to snuff for maximum wagering maneuverability this week.  Feb 7th is just around the corner so do get shut out in the cold for the hot wagering aspects here at the HRW!

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