Super Bowl News for 1/27

Good morning as we all march together towards one of the biggest wagering days each and every day.  During this two week journey, the media try to out do each other with tidbits and pieces that the others are not privy.  Some relate to the game itself while others are meant to stoke the fires for the upcoming game.  HRWager has sifted through all the pieces in the last twenty four hours to bring you some of the more interesting slants on the upcoming game.

Carolina Owner Change of Heart

Few could accuse Panthers owner Jerry Richardson on wearing his heart on his face.  He is consistently looking angry or perplexed.  However, this book jacket does not give a clue to the heart that beats within the man.  He is flying everyone in the organization to the game.  Even the unpaid interns get this sign of appreciation from the man upstairs.  One of the many feel good stories this week.

HGH Not Going Away


One of the pieces of circumstantial evidence that fans used about Bonds and PED’s was the astonishing growth that his cranium went through.  Now if one looks at the pictures of Manning in college to recently, most can see the pumpkinhead transformation before their eyes.  With a few reports from Al Jazeera and the NFL has launched its own investigation into this rumor.  This story has picked up traction this week around the circus for the game.



The NFL action took a lot by surprise during this two week period. With Peyton set to ride off into the sunset, why rally the mob when the man is not guilty yet.  He has been the example of professional up until now.  Yes circumstantial evidence does seem to indicate that something is going on but I guess even legends can not escape the light.  Keep in touch with HRWager each and every day up to the Super Bowl. Tomorrow comes some of the more interesting prop bets from past editions of the game.


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