Super Bowl News : Greyhounds Predict the Big One Video

Super Bowl News 2/2

Tuesday is here and HRWager is one day closer to Super Bowl 50.  Today on our Super Bowl News, we look at the debate arising on the most important person to step on the field Sunday.  Also, Twitter wars are ramping up with Denver taking the lead.  See how the Greyhound Channel added fuel to this fire.  All of this coming up for you right now here at the HRW.



Von Miller Most Influential?

There has been a movement to choose the best or most important player on the field.  Quarterbacks are usually just bestowed this honor with the occasional Adrian or Megatron thrown in when they are in the game.  For Super Bowl 50, gums are flapping about Von Miller.  Arguably without him, Denver would not be where they are now.  The defense is the identity of this team and where its prowess is at.  While not Ray Lewis Raven Super Bowl winner yet, his influence at disrupting the offensive flow can not be questioned.  The ultimate question about him Sunday will be answered.  Can he get to a QB as strong and fast as Cam Newton?

Twitter Bronco Bombs

Social media has been hot and heavy already with trash talking fans from both teams.  Denver seems to be edging ahead because of their creativity and underdog status.  One of the more creative ones has come from the Greyhound racing channel.  They set up a race with reps of both teams in the contest.

It may be a little grainy but who knows where the accurate omens come from.  That octopus nailed every soccer game years ago in the World Cup.  Maybe it got reincarnated as one of these greyhounds.  Good fortune in your sports betting today and come back a little later for your HRWager Free Pick Play of the Day or February 2nd.



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