Super Bowl News : Trump Taps Whom to win and Helicopters

A day in which the players on the field for the dent could not dent the top two spots for HRWager’s Super Bowl News.  Prominent politicians and a partier propelled themselves over the din of Super Bowl 50.  While one came out with his Super Bowl winner and why, the other was not running at the mouth but from the law.  So stay tuned to HRW right now to see what magic man did a disappearing act over the weekend.

Fort Worth Air One Unit

Super Bowl News


Busting out aerial coverage is common for Super bowls but not for outlaws or persons of interest.  Fort Worth decided to take to the air to try and apprehend Johnny Manziel over the weekend.  Another altercation between him and the girl de jour, Colleen Crowley, supposedly happened over the weekend. She calls the police and fears for her safety.  Police went full force trying to find this person of interest who should be readily accessible to them.  Part celebrity and second part train wreck collided to actually trump the Super Bowl coverage in a not so good way.

Speaking of Trump

Thank goodness we have politicians that just dont come out and say that they hope the game is entertaining.  Already backing Brady to the wall to see him lose, Donald Trump has come out with his next fade to follow.  He taps the Denver Broncos for his money.  Now granted, he does add the disclaimer that Manning is not only a good guy but a friend reason for them to win.  He concedes that Carolina has more talent but that old Trump magic is at work.

A second fade could be in the works as the NE ML bit the dust in the AFC Conference championship.  Now that the Bronocs have received the kiss of death, Carolina money should be pouring in.  Meanwhile, some people in Texas have to be a little more frugal in case Johnny needs bail once again before the big game.  Good fortune with your sports speculation and we will see you later in the day here at the HRW.


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