Super Bowl News : Value of 2016 Peyton

HRWager’s Super Bowl News for today opens up with a plea.  Do not fall for the brand name when wagering on the Big Name.  Many people are willing to overlook Super Bowl 48 as the Seahawks having an all time great defense.  Make no mistake, Peyton is in decline.  How far down the sheet should we plummet him?  What credit should he get for Denver’s two post season wins this time around?  Join us at HRWager as we look at what value the stock of Manning has these days.

Propped Up Nadal

Super Bowl News

Tennis great and the King of Clay Nadal has had his body betray him the last few years.  All the stress and torsion of his style of play has reduced him to merely a top twenty player.  The prowess and ability to win the big one is beyond him.  Manning is in the same boat.  Neck fusion operations and post game stories about how he has to be assisted out of his shoes bodes to the same level of destruction that Rafa has gone through.  His mind can envision the plays but the arm has no zip on it.  Arc is what betrays him as it gives him some distance but less margin of error on long passes.  That is why his interceptions were so high and how the Broncos had hoped that Brock would not falter.  Now they must see the course through with Peyton in hand.

Even With Rule Changes

2004 was the time in the NFL’s history when this became a pass happy league.  Defensive contact was enforced and quarterbacks found all sorts of room their receivers now had.  It has been over thirty years since a signal caller started the big game with a passer rating lower than Mannings.  In fact the not so great Trent Dilfer lead the Ravens to the promises land on the wings of their superior defense.  This Denver defense is good but not nearly in that league.

So if you are going to wager on Denver then take the first half spread.  This will be the time when Denver can out ferret the Panthers offensively and possibly exploit known tendencies.  Denver has little room for half time adjustments.  Carolina has many offensive paths to paydirt.  So know that yes Manning might still be magical but my money is that it would only be for a half.  Good fortune in your sports investments and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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