Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl Prop Bets


From the quirky to the murky, prop bets are mean to illicit our interest and money from our wallets.  While a lot of them do deal with luck, some can be logically broken down and termed a sports investment.  Good morning and welcome to HRWager.  On this last day of January, we will look at what appears to have better value than what our linesmaker assigned to them.  So let us see where the HRW will be vulnerable at in this Super Bowl.


Vanquishing Steve McNair

How much will Cam Newton’s legs play in this one?  At question is whether or not the Carolina quarterback will break the rushing record for signal callers.  It stands with Steve McNair’s 64 yards.  One jailbreak rush is all it takes.  With his penchant at running approximately ten times a game, the over pursuing Broncos are vulnerable to this.  The yes near +270 or so seems to have value out there.


This is the payout award for all the flack that Cam has endured during the years.  His team wins then he gets this award for certain.  Cam is -130 to win the MVP and is a better value than the Panthers ML.  Believe me, the face of the franchise will win the award if the Panthers take home Super Bowl 50.

Ginn Done Did It

Ted Ginn has a bad reputation for dropping balls.  Some of it is hindsight bias but the easiest of passes he manages to flub on national stages.  With the money split on the yes or no, wager the yes to bring the bread to your basket Feb. 7th.

These are just some of the SuperBowl Props floating around right now.  WHile some hang on tendencies, the Cam Newton MVP is going to be bestowed.  Good fortune in your sports speculation today, and we will be back tomorrow with more Super Bowl News here at HRWager.


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