Tampa Bay Jacksonville Free Pick NFL Preseason Week 2

Tampa Bay Jacksonville

Local information for the Tampa Bay Jacksonville game has come out after the HRWager oddsmakers have put out the spread on this Saturday 7:30 PM start.  Great to see everyone back again here at HRWager. Today we have a prime example of a team projected to do good things in 2016 pulling off of the gas pedal.  Direct quotes indicating that they wish to avoid something “stupid” like getting hurt in the preseason. Which team’s coach went on the record very recently about this game and how can we use his attitudes to profit with?

Tampa Bay Jacksonville : Early Line Danger

Here is a prime example of a line that is out there and then the coach mucks it all up.  Gus Bradley has gone on the record saying they are not going to treat it like a typical second preseason game.  Normally, the league average for plays that the starting unit has in this week is near 30.  This attitude has come from the joint practices that they and the Bucs had together this week.  Coach feels that the offense is nearly at the point it should have been at the end of the game already.  No reason to risk additional injury just to kill the second period of the game.

What This Means?

Look at the first half, and entire game lines reveals the following.

  1. +3 for the entire game on Tampa
  2. + 2 1/2 just in the first half of the game.

Linesmakers have deemed that the Jags have most of their advantage when the higher levels of talent are both on the field.  Now if one team is to lessen the time then the advantage shifts more towards the other.  Tampa has a new found advantage to exploit in this game for those that bet on them.

Free Pick plan of attack are the Bucs + 2 1/2 first half.  This is where the most impact from the Jags coach’s revelation is going to be felt.  Go with Tampa here in the early going for part of your profit taking this weekend.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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