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Tennis Tips


Tennis tips looks at some more interesting early round matchups at Wimbledon.  Good morning HRWager friends and family.  The third major presents two factors that are polarizing in predicting players.  So what aspects of playing on grass should influence your thinking?  We will look at this in two free picks to parlay together here at HRWager.


Tennis Tips : Footwork

While sliding on clay is an art, footwork is so vital here at Wimbledon.  This tournament has transformed over the years from skips and bad bounces to the truest hit balls in all of its history.  It is still very fast but more players are content to slug it out from the baseline here.  This helps our second round prediction.  Stan Wawrinka has the mobility and footwork to do decent here.  Juan Martin Del Potro does not.  Most ar focusing on whether that three time surgically repaired wrist will hold up.  Even though his lack of fitness will not hurt him as much here as other venues, his footwork puts enough degree of error into his groundstrokes.  Stan -145 ML is a gift of a line that should present plenty of profit alone or when parlayed with the other selection.

Lack of Fitness

This Slam event is the best if fitness is not your forte.  One can get away being a little out of shape compared to the others because of the short point nature.  Stosur is a physical marvel on the ladies side who just cant piece it all together.  Now here career is rebounding but this event will derail her.  Footwork is clompy and her advantages dont translate well here.  Compare that to Liscki who does not put all she can in her prep.  She is much more natural on the grass and it will show.  -175 is a little chalky to wager alone but parlay it with above for your increased payday.

Good fortune with your selections and get them in right now here at HRWager.  The men’s match does not start til Thursday but the ladies is slated for today.  If you are too late to get the women’s event then pound the ATP free pick.  We will see you next time here at the HRW.


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