Thursday Night Football Free Pick : Tennessee @ Jacksonville

Short work weeks can be exploited by our Thursday Night Football Free pick here at HRWager.  We have a 2-7 Titans team visiting the 3-6 Jags.  Has Jacksonville rounded the corner with a gutsy win at Baltimore?  Believe it or not at 3-6, they are not out of contention for a playoff spot in their division.  Find out what is the definitive area of weakness that one of these teams is going to pounce on.

Thursday Night Football Free Pick : Steady

Thursday Night Football

Value at the -3 range for the home team has been pretty rock solid in this one.  Jacksonville will be looking to work on one area that can not be patched in a short work week.  The Titans defense allows over 110 yards on the ground per game.  This makes it easy for teams to get sustained drives and shorter third down attempts.  Even if Yeldon is a no go for the Jags they have depth in this position and will need it.  Tenn has a strong pass rush and will need something to keep them off balance or Blake could have a long day under center.

A lot of Time for Marcus

The Oregon graduate can handle the NFL defenses if he is given enough time.  Sad to say  one of the missing elements to the team from Florida is an almost non-existant pass rush.  The Jags backfield has been above average but they need to show up immediately.  Given a little momentum, the Titans Qb can steam roll certain teams even at this stage in his young career.

For a short work week, the Titans’ defense will not get the recovery time it needs.  A lot has been asked for them being only 2-7.  It is an effort intensive side of the football that lags in these Thursday games.  Jacksonville has more going forward in this one.  Look for the letdown and take the home team at -3 for this one.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.



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