Tigers Mariners Prediction Plus Free Pick 8/8

Tigers Mariners

Tigers Mariners features a sizzling Detroit team that must now go to the West Coast.  Good morning and we hope you are having a good start to the work week.  Here at HRWager, we got down to examining one of the hottest teams in the majors.  Tigers are sending Michael Fulmer who could be argued has been their best starter this season.  Seattle after flirting with .500 at 54-53 has reeled off three straight wins of their own.  This 10PM start on August 8th opened up with Detroit barely being the road favorite.  The market has shifted so we will examine where the money is flowing to and if it is in the right direction here at HRWager.

Tigers Mariners : Two Hot Teams

Both starters have surprised their teams this year.  Fulmer in being the best on the staff and the durability of Seattle’s Iwakuma.  Both enter this game with a lack of momentum compared to their overall season.  Fulmer is up at 3.72 ERA in his last three.  His strikeouts, walks, and WHIP are all fine but he is not slamming the door as well as he should in pressure situations.  Iwakuma has a WHIP of 1.29 in the same stretch but his age might be a factor.  At 35, could he be wearing down this August?

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Another factor is that he seems to love Safeco.  The starts where he was gotten hit hard have been at the Jays and Cubs.  He shut out both Houston and Boston in his last two starts.  What stands out is he confidence in pitching at home.  His walks go way down and he becomes really aggressive with his pitches.  This is most of the reason the sharps moved the moneyline from the favored Tigers to make the Mariners the chalk option in the moneyline.

Two streaking teams but the Tigers did squander eleven hits in only getting one run against the Mets before leaving the Motor City.  That combined with the Seattle starter being so strong at home leaves us with the following impression.  The betting action on the Mariners ML is correct.  Our freeplay and analysis concur with their overnight movement.  Bet the Seattle moneyline for your best chance of profit in MLB action for August 8th.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.

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