TNT NBA Free Pick : Houston at Sac-Town

Second game of the night brings out our TNT NBA Free Pick.  We take a look at a disappointing Houston game that is taking on a new look Sacrament Kings.  The road Rockets started off as six point favorites to see the public eat away a tad at this to make it – 5 1/2  Which way will HRWager lean towards in this game?

Point Guard Battle


Dynamics will play an important part in this pivotal matchup.  Rajon Rondo is not saddled as being the only person on his team in charge of distributing the ball.  Lawson was pried from the Nuggets to fill one of the few gaps that the Rockets have. He has shown promise and just needs to up the aggression a bit.Now they have two complete teams and that is where our problem starts.

DeMarcus Out Again

With Cousins out for the Kings, the Rockets have to decide on whether this is one of his off nights.  With Howard on the floor, their offensive philosophy is so different than on his nights off.  Dwight could not be classified as lumbering but he does have a deliberate nature these days.

Houston has the talent and strategic advantage regarding the status of Howard.  George Karl knows how to play for and against running teams.  His tenure in Denver shows that.  That being said, his tenure with this franchise is just starting.  Even with the Kings bench advantage, they will not know how to exploit it this early.  Go with the Rockets minus the points at the Kings tonight.



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