Two Tiers of Title Contenders Heading to Nov 3rd Part I

Some of the undefeateds should have dropped off but miracle plays and comebacks abound this last Saturday.  Ann Arbor had the exclam that defined the weekend.  Let us take a look at the two tiers of title contenders and where your money should lie heading into the college football playoffs.  First week of November will give us the illumination to see if we were correct or not when their first ranking comes out.

SEC Polarization

Georgia got its head handed to them by Alabama but yet are the huge front runner to make it to the SEC Championship with two losses.  Their presence in that game could provide the upset potential to shut the SEC out of the title chase.  All of this hinges on the LSU-Alabama game.  If the Tide takes it then the conference that ruled the roost for so many years has more than one plausible scenario on missing the entire dance.

Iowa Undefeated?


This is the flub in scheduling such a large conference.  Once in a blue moon, there is an anomoly that lets a second tier team run the table like this.  No Michigan, MSU, or Ohio State on the schedule for the 7-0 Hawkeyes.  This would be the weakest march to an undefeated schedule left for a Power Five School.  The only caveat is that the Big Ten has a championship game so that Iowa will have to play someone if they make it.  Maryland, Indiana, Minnesota, Purdue, and Nebraska is not exactly a murderer’s row in college football.

We had presumed that the Pac-12 would be the conference on the outside this year but their are very real parameters that could have the SEC and even the ACC possibly being odd man out.  This is part one of the title contenders in review.  Part II will be tomorrow and will focus on the other Power Five possibilities that still exist.  Good fortune to your wagers today and we will see you tomorrow here on HRWager.


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