UFC 190 : Rousey Grows as Entertainer

For UFC 190, the passing of  a wrestling legend has stoked the fire even hotter for one of the participants in the main event.  Bethe Correia and Ronda Rousey is going to prove to be even more intense than when Bethe’s mother implored her to break Ronda’s jaw.  One knows the prefight pub machine is going full tilt when they bring their parents into it.  HRWager has info on the weigh in for tonight’s bout plus a wagering recommendation.  So sit back and let us examine what two more evenly matched ladies can bring to us this evening.

UFC 190 : Dedicated to the Rowdy One

Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ronda Rousey did not just decide to name drop each other.  Ronda looked up to the wrestling legend since a young age.  Piper had noticed her for years and had Rousey on his podcast.


Well the wrestling world and Ronda herself were shocked to hear of his passing from cardiac arrest at the age of 61.  Clearly upset and moved, she promises this win to the man she so respected.  Will this cause her to come out too aggressive and open herself up to the counters of the Brazilian?


The talent the sixth rated lady brings to this fight warrant a better line than +900 she is getting.  A fight that is much closer than that but can only be wagered on by those with secure bankrolls. I would estimate that four out of five times Ronda wins tonight.  So the ML on the challenger is purely value driven.  The longshot does come through often enough here to make it theoretically profitable.

What interests us is making this fight last more than one and a half rounds to get to the +260 that HRWager has it at.  The champ is suffering from Mike Tyson syndrome.  She dispatches people too quickly.  Ronda has the ability to armbar anyone at any point.  Main event cards have to last.  She has learned to carry her opponent for a while.  Indulge in the trash talking, give the fans a fair bout, and then outta of nowhere the armbar for the win.  This is why your sports investment should be the over 1 1/2 rounds for their fight tonight.  Good fortune and we will speak next time here at HRWager.


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