UFC 191 Free Picks for 9/5

Wagering on contact sports brings a new level of rush to watching the monthly ppvs that the UFC puts out there.  We at HRWager realize that the costs of the PPV is at times daunting to have to pay your money over to the cable company.  To this end, we give you our Free Picks for UFC 191.  One involves two people that just will not quit.  The other bought might see a new fighter in the title mix.  So let us partake of this and propel us all to profit this Saturday evening.

Rumble in Danger


Anthony Johnson enjoys the very well earned reputation of dishing it out on the vertical surface.  His power and striking ability for his weight are legendary in this sport.  Even the most accomplished fighters flinched to this challenge, took the game to the matt, and choked him out.  Now we have an up and comer to UFC.  Jimi Manuwa has a very accomplished career even before the UFC.  In a show of confidence he has called out the Rumble to keep the game standing up.  The first step on the path is to envision where your success could lie.  Manuwa has the ability to thwart a distracted Johnson.  In a big upset, go with the +420 or so Manuwa to take this one over a distracted Anthony.

Frank Mir Wont Go Away

Legends have a hard time just going away.  The only one that we can think that headed out on top of his game was Barry Sanders of the Detroit Lions.  Frank has received one pithy bit of coaching that might help him on Saturday night against Andrei Arlovski.  Power is on the the last things to leave with advanced age.  Crushing him right out of the gate is the only manner in which Mir takes it tonight.  However Andrei has more than enough in the tank to counter this.  Take the favored Andrei here.

So in conclusion, we have Arlvoski and Manuwa as our ML Free Pick winners for Saturday evening.  Good fortune in your wagering today and we will talk to you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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