UFC 192 Free Pick : Main Card Money on the Chosen One? 10/3

HRWager’s UFC 192 Free Pick will focus on the Chosen One!  On 10/3, Tyron Woodley represents a near +250 underdog value against number one contender Johny Hendricks.  Woodley has all the tools for a quick victory.  Him being the underdog here is the correct call but at the high return that is being offered on him.  Let us examine how often he might pull this off and determine if we can wager on him for value Saturday night.

UFC 192 Free Pick : Almost Even Steven


Tyron has legions of fans that gravitate towards him for having both vertical and horizontal games.  He is also very highly thought of in the rankings.  This is the gift of being able to end fights in dramatic fashion against anyone.  Therefore it is quite the oddity that he does not have more than a two bout winning streak.  While he has had good wins, he is most defined by that Rory Macdonald one sided affair that did not end well for him.  Woodley called out Hendricks and he got him.  Can he avoid that left hand and overcome the odds here?

Horizontal Wash

Not many men can negate Johny Hendricks and his wrestling ability but Tyron does in this matchup.  How much will pride come in with Woodley wanting to outslug him?  The more he keeps it on the ground, the increase in value for underdog value is amazing.  Even standing upright, Johny is a little bit living in the past.  He has not knocked anyone out since 2012.  Sure the leg kicks ebb some lasting power here but Woodley has just enough in the tank to go three rounds against the Bigg Rigg here.

Speed kills in most sports and Woodley has a huge advantage in this.  We would want him to connect early against Hendricks because Johny can absorb punishment.  He took a beating from Lawler and continued on.  Even the over under on the rounds reflects whom is going to win.  If you are going with the “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks then better to go with the over 2 1/2 at -205.  For Woodley, go with the win instead of the under rounds.  Good fortune with your wagers and we will have more UFC 192 free picks tomorrow.




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