UFC 197 Tips : Jones vs St. Preux

UFC 197 tips

UFC 197 tips has a high expectation recommendation that would probably allow you to freeroll the ppv fee.  Jon Jones comes back from a prolonged absence to face Ovince St. Preux.  This is for the interim light heavyweight title.  The MMA world was all Jon Jones but fast cards and hard drugs have got into the way.  Can he come back from cocaine and other issues to conquer a dangerous opponent?


UFC 197 Tips : Odds

Jon Jones near the -600 level is an in between price.  Part of it reflects how he will react to an immediate onslaught. Ovince from his light side his dangerous.  His kicks and hand both deliver decisive power.  He is also pretty quick and extremely aggressive.  This is because of two facets.  First is that his ground game is far below the level of opponent Jon would normally face.  Second is that his fitness is limited.  A round and a half sees him sucking for oxygen far too long.  If he does not finish this fast then he is cooked.

Jones Strategy

Jones has the type of opponent that will not just let him settle in.  Also, St Pruex’s best chances lie early.  Key is to dance and let him continually come forward.  Use the reach to pepper him from a distance.  His fitness might not be up to snuff either.  However, tired bodies can always go to the ground where Jones would thrive.  Only part that might push Jones is the need for a decisive victory to prove that his offtime did not affect his prowess.

Look for the totals here. The under 2 1/2 at -205 has much more appeal than a wager on Jon Jones.  Ovince cant last three rounds and be effective.  Jones would prefer anything that does not involve a decision.  Both are motivated to impress for different reasons.  HRWager recommends the under 2 1/2 rounds.  Good fortune and enjoy the entire UFC 197 betting options here at the HRW.


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