UFC 200 Big Bout Results

Top of the card is where we will comment on the UFC 200 results.  Three fights stood out in their attempt to bring big names for this milestone event.  Cormier got to face a last minute sub in Silva when Jones went dirty.  Brock Lesnar got a hall pass from WWE to fight one time in the UFC.  Finally, the women’s championship match ended up a bloody pulp for one of the combatants.  We will look at where the promotion stands after this UFC 200 concluded.

UFC 200 : Names that Underwhelmed

Daniel Cormier did what he had to against an opponent on short notice.  Silva’s only shot was a quick submission or knockout.  So Cormier with his bulk and wrestling skill just sat on top of him.  A little more complicated than that but a risk adverse way to get the win.  Profitable but not entertaining.  He needs a flashy opponent to highlight the skill in his game.  Otherwise it just comes off as flat.  Also here is the at fight interview with Nate Diaz.  What a mess he is.  Ability to take a punch and tough as nails but hard to promote.  Needs a person to carry him in the mic skills department.


Thanks to MMA Effect for posting this on Youtube

Main Events

Brock Lesnar was successful in his return to the UFC in his win against Mark Hunt.  Lesnar got him on the ground and inflicted punishment.  The 29-27 score was oddly low but he, UFC, and WWE walked away all winners in this one.  Kiss from Sable at the end to call it a night for him.  Meanwhile, Amanda Nunes got a submission win as an afterthought against Meisha Tate.  Nunes rocked the champion with fist to the face leaving her spewing blood all over the face.  Clearly in trouble, Amanda got her on the ground and used the same choke that Cupcake tapped Holm with.  Just like that we have a new woman’s champion.

Now UFC is left to pick up from this uneven PPV.  Big name going back to wrestling.  Daniel Cormier is an excellent workhorse but almost Floyd Mayweather like in defensive style.  It will not bring fans to the sport.  Lastly, we have a champion outside of America that has a rough style.  She is very worthy of the belt but Dana likes his women to have a soft side as well for marketing purposes.  UFC is still thriving but a tad harder to market after UFC 200.  Good fortune in your wagering pursuits today and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.



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