UFC 200 : Brock Lesnar Returns for One Night


Anniversary events like UFC 200 bring out the big names present and past to the promotion.  Former heavyweight champion both in the UFC and WWE has agreed to come back for one night.  Good morning mixed martial art fans.  Let us look at the practical aspects of this today even though no opponent has been named as of yet.  No matter what, the willingness to make this ppv even more of a spectacle is to be applauded by Dana White and company.


UFC 200 : Lesnar’s Status

Brock had retired from UFC back in March of 2015.  Citing reasons of not wanting to fight anymore, he made his way back to the sports entertainment aspect of the WWE.  While in the wrestling organization, he has given them the star power they needed while some of the old guard have retired.  Stars that should have been in their prime like Edge and Daniel Bryant had to retire due to neck issues.  CM Punk left the promotion ironically to go to UFC.  The one main fact that we question about Lesnar deals in fact with his contract with the WWE.


Brock Lesnar has had a little paunch while back in the promotion.  No big thing as he could not remain the physical specimen he was in his 20’s.  However, his contract allows him to be a part time superstar.  SO there are two dimensions to judge by this.  First is that he is not road weary from all the concentrated action.  This is good but the second factor outweighs the first.  The pacing of a WWE match allows for ample rest time.  Brock does use this.  Any serious fighter will look to extend the fight and just stay away from Brock to attack him in the later rounds of UFC 200.

July 9th certainly got more interesting with Brock Lesnar.  From a wagering standpoint, while we do not know the opponent, his fitness and age come into play.  No way he can get his cardio up in just one month.  We will examine all the details when the opposition is announced.  Stay tuned to HRWager for this and all the other angels that UFC 200 has in just one month’s time.


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