UFC 200 Free Picks to Profit On

UFC 200

Show goes on without Jon Jones as HRWager’s UFC 200 Free Picks will profit on his absence.  Fight day is finally here.  The hallmark ppv numbers like 200 in UFC is where Dana White pulls out all the stops in bringing us high quality matchups.  However in the quest to give us a clash of names, wagering vulnerability exists.  So much so that even our oddsmaker can not cope with them all.  Here is where we feel that he slipped up a bit in his calculations for the PPV card starting at 10PM on the 9th of July.

UFC 200 : Name Weakness

While using the biggest names does provide the organization with the biggest chance of a draw, it gives us plenty of ammunition to assail the books of their profit.  Let us look at the Brock Lesnar fight with Mark Hunt.  Hunt is nearing the -200 ML for good reason.  He is still in circulation with heavy hands while Brock relies on his past skill to get him through this.  Hunt keeps this vertical and he wins while Lesnar wants to get on the matt as soon as possible.  Lesnar is too advanced of an age with not enough fitness to get through this.  Take Hunt ML and parlay it with our other selections.

More Fitness Issues

Cormier is a heavy near -500 ML against Silva.  Silva has not won in years and is two months removed from gall bladder surgery.  Cromier in a walk in this one.  Meanwhile the women’s match would be great if it was not for the belt.  Meisha Tate vs Nunes would be an intense three round match.  However, championships are decided in five rounds.  Nunes is only 1-2 when it goes the distance and she has no experience at this length of bout.  Tate wears her down for the headliner in this one.

Three pronged parlay attack for this one.  Combine Hunt, Cormier, and Tate for your ml parlay.  Fox Sports 1 has the prelims for free.  Bet on those matches and use the profit to purchase the PPV tonight at 10PM.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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