UFC 200 News : Diaz vs McGregor Rematch

UFC 200 News

Can preparation overcome the past is the question we seek answers to in HRWager’s UFC 200 news?  The announcement of the Diaz- McGregor rematch was expected to happen.  A July 9th date is logical as the banner UFC ppv events bring out the big names.  This is also your headline event for UFC 200.  Somewhat disappointing as certain aspects will pale in comparison.  Find out what these our as we look at the upcoming fight after the announcement that it is a reality came on Wednesday.

UFC 200 News : Anybody Anywhere

Reaction has already flooded in for this rematch at UFC 200.  Dana White has praised him for his fight anybody at anywhere attitude.  After that, the optimism slides off the map.  Nate Diaz has indicated that the advantage of having time to prepare for this fight goes up for him.  Remember, he was thrown into the mix when Dos Anjos broke his foot and accepted the bout with less than a few weeks left.  How much power can Connor hope to gain by going by up to that 170 lb mark?  His own camp wants him to go after Diaz at a lower weight like 155 pounds but the feisty Irishman would have nothing doing with that.

Press Conferences

One of the more satisfying aspects of their first fight were the press conferences.  It was pure spectacle and got others outside of Ireland really into this impromptu bout.  How is Conor supposed to talk trash this time?  He can not grow anymore to contend with the reach advantage of Diaz.  Nate took some of McGregor’s power shots without much effect.  Diaz tagged him, got his legs to wobble, and choked him out.  It is akin to seeing a magic act when you are a child.  The misdirection is awesome until someone explains it to you.  With the element of mystery gone, we know what to look for and no amount of words can convince us otherwise to be fooled twice.

A great run by the Irishman is being threatened by his pride.  He is adamant to right this wrong by losing to Diaz.  Can one formulate strategies that help alleviate natural advantages like reach and power?  One weight class up is a possibility but two is asking for the near impossible!  The Diaz-McGregor rematch will be worth watching but not as the headliner of UFC 200.  Give us a main event where the mystery still remains.  Good fortune with your sports investments and we will see you later today here at The HRW.


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