UFC 202 : Diaz McGregor Free Pick

UFC 202

Fight fans are left to wonder if in UFC 202 that have we learned nothing about Diaz McGregor from the first time they met?  Glad to see everyone back here at HRWager.  Saturday evening finally brings the heavily anticipated rematch with these two.  Diaz won the first one and was not phased by the least by McGregor’s power or lack thereof.  So what makes the linesmakers think that this will be any different in making Conor the favorite once again this 20th of August?

UFC 202 : Main Event

Line is still near the -120 McGregor opener.  Is it not that there isnt interest in the fight, it is just that the sharps have deemed this a fair appraisal of the situation!  However, those that write and ponder this sport have come out in almost complete unison on this bout.  37 out of 41 have come out for Diaz.  Very interesting as the reasons they have come out for Nate are rather convincing.

Two Months Not Enough

The talents that Diaz have can not be caught up enough by McGregor in just sixty days or so.  Jiujitsu ability of his is far enough advanced that McGregor still can not counter it.  Conor will be much better prepared for a jump in power for the increased weight he must fight out but remember this.  One of the main attractions of Diaz is that he can withstand great punishment.  Conor tagged him on the button and the face last time and Nate just smiled.  While an extreme opening can be converted, look for Diaz to avoid just enough to take the sting out of the numerous glancing blows he is expected to take.

So why have not the sharps jumped on the Diaz train?  It is perceived value.  Few expect heavy steam at any time in this fight.  Rather hedge their bets and make the big move late.  The UFC 202 prelims are on Fox Sports 1 to wet your appetite and get you in the profit taking mood.  Strike hard on the Diaz moneyline for the main event card that is supposed to start at 10PM EST.  Good fortune in this and we will see you later today here at HRWager.


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