UFC Fight Night Free Pick : Overeem vs Arlovski 5/8

UFC Fight Free Pick 5/8

A key heavyweight division bout is HRWager’s UFC Fight Night Free pick subject.  Bear in mind that with the locale being in the Netherlands that the main event card is to start at 2PM on Fox Sports 1.  The headliners of the night are a pair of fighters in the Top Five.  #3 Alistair Overeem (40-14) takes on #5 Andrei Arlovski (25-11).  Overeem is your favorite at the level near -225.  Which one will lead us to the profit on Sunday May 8th.


UFC Fight Night Free Pick : Arlovski’s Chances

How much of his six match win streak was his ability compared to the quality of his opponents?  This question came up as a result of Stipe Miocic and his convincing knockout of Andrei in the first round.  At the center of his debate is the quality of speed of his hands and feet as he gets long in the tooth.  His right side is especially strong so opponents try to force positioning in the ring to make him use the left.  For him to win on Saturday, he must not take many heavy hits.  His chin has been criticized as being too weak.  Get a few in him early and his legs get weaker faster than most elite level fighters.

Overeem Also Can Not Take Direct Shots

Ends up that both fighters here can not take many hard shots right on the button.  Overeem was almost in the washed up catergory as Ben Rothwell had his way with him in 2014.  Since then, Alistair has won three in a row by ramping up his aggression in the vertical game.  Two convincing knockouts including a brutal one over Dos Santos this last December has restored his credibility.  His is more of a plodding paced attack where he seeks to dominate the pacing.  This will be a fascinating fight as he has to contend with that still very fast right hand of Arlovski.

Both have that haymaker in their arsenals to end it quickly.  Difference is that Overeem has options when the heavy hand does not land.  Ground game has Alistair the advantage.  The odds are not good enough on Arlovski to cherry pick his one punch in this one.  HRWagers UFC Fight Night Free Pick is the ML win on Alistair Overeem.  Good fortune to us all and we will see you on Saturday here at the HRW.



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