Set up your UPay/Blockchain account once, and enjoy their benefits forever!

UPayCard Bitcoin

Tired of person to person transfers? Is too exhausting waiting for a new name to make a deposit to? We’ve got the perfect solution that will solve most of your problems: We’re proud to introduce the most advanced payment methods for the most advanced age of all: UPay Card + Bitcoin.

Is too exhausting opening a new account? But isn’t more dreadful to stand in line at your bank or person to person transfer local? Create a FREE virtual wallet with any of these payment methods and enjoy of fast, secure and anonymous payouts.

With UPay Card or Bitcoin you can fund unlimited or withdraw from your account up to $3.000 every 30 days in a single transaction.

With UPay Card, you could also receive a physical Card which you can use to cash your transfers.

Watch our 30 second tutorials below and get started

Full list of UPayCard steps
  1. Go to: UPayCard Register.
  2. Fill all the required fields.
  3. Click Register button.
  4. Check your email’s inbox to verify your email address.
  5. Click the link inside your email.
  6. You’ll be shown with a success message in your browser after verifying your email address.
  7. Log in to your account.
  8. Verify your mobile phone number.
  9. Enter the code received via SMS.
  10. After successfully verifying your phone number, verify your identity UPayCard Profile.
  11. Attach a copy of your ID on both sides.
    1. To scan documents using your cell phone’s camera, we recommend: Office Lens App from Microsoft
      1. Android.
      2. iOS.
      3. Windows.
  12. Attach a copy of your utility bill, driver’s license or passport.
  13. Wait up to 24 hours during business days for your account to be fully approved.
  14. You will receive a notification email if your documents were approved or if UPay Card needs other type of documentation.
  15. Load your account!

Watch our 30 second tutorials below and get started

Full list of Bitcoin steps
  1. Create your wallet at Blockchain Register.
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Fund your account and start sending and receiving bitcoins!