Wednesday Winners : NIU Takes on Buffalo 11 11

Wednesday Winners takes on NIU as they visit Buffalo on 11/11.  For all those that doubted the Huskies, they vanquished the upstart Toledo Rockets for a fifth straight game.  Now they have a stranglehold on their division and aspirations to make it to the MAC championship.  Can Buffalo derail all this momentum or even cover being a seven point home dog?  Join us at HRWager for Wednesday winners for our profit to butter our bread with right now.

Wednesday Winners : NIU Exceeding ATS

Wednesday Winners

5-2-2 against the spread was punctuated with the upset ML cover against Toledo.  Now they have opened at – 5 1/2 and are now at -7 or even more.  Team defense was the key there because the passing attack was almost solely focused on one receiver.  Against Power Five teams having Golladay getting 128 of the 145 yards in the air, this team can be exploited.  Can Buffalo stop this single minded attack at home?

Double L Turnaround

Lance Leipold is the new skipper for Buffalo and they are on the verge of becoming bowl eligible once again.  Ryan Graham was the impromptu replacement for NIU as QB due to injury.  This time around he has a week to prep but the Bulls have seen the film on him.  With their defense mustering an only average amount of twenty one sacks, they have to mix it up to keep NIU down. On the offensive side of things, Buffalo loves to throw the ball in part because they can not rush worth a lick.  Huskies can create turnovers with fourteen interceptions.  The conjecture for this one is that the NIU defense is good enough to handle this one dimensional attack.

This would be an ideal spot for a NIU letdown if Buffalo was not so one dimensional.  The Bulls go right into the teeth at what they do well.  -5 is back down to -6.  NIU can cover this easy.  There will be hard hits but the freshman quarterback can handle the limited aspects Buffalo throws at him.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.

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