Tired of waiting in line to make a person to person deposit? Too many restrictions regarding the amounts you’re able to withdraw from your winnings? Too many fees due to several transactions? Yes, we know it is painful and we heard you loud and clear.

For the past months, we’ve been testing new and more efficient payment methods between you and us, that is why we’re glad to introduce you well known and great friends of ours: UPay Card & Bitcoin.

UPay Card is a real money card

UPay Card is one effective banking method that allows you and us to send and receive money easily and virtually without restrictions other than our general house rules. With UPay you can enjoy even of a FREE physical card to go to your local ATM and cash out.

Bitcoin stands for anonymity

The world is only for the bravest, or at least for those who manage to keep their private stuff, private. Bitcoin allows you to enjoy of a new world in money, that is untraceable, anonymous and secure, and the most amazing benefit of all it is one of the most important currencies in our age.

OK, but what do I win?

With UPay Card or Bitcoin you can fund unlimited or withdraw from your account up to $3.000 every 30 days in a single transaction, as per our general house rules, that means a single fee. No hassle!

You know what? I have too many accounts to remember…

That is true, having an account for everything is one of the perks of living in such an exciting age, as is the XXI century, but hey! There are worse things, perhaps like… paying up to 4 different fees and commissions in different methods for you to withdraw money from your account.


  • Open your UPay Card Accout here.
  • Open a Bitcoin Wallet here.