Western Conference Finals : Game Two OKC @ Golden State 5/18

Western Conference Finals 5/18

Part of the prowess of the Thunder team in the Western Conference Finals is what they have done against home playoff teams.  Did you realize that OKC has won three straight road games against teams that have combined for three losses all year at home during the regular season?  How did they continue this trend against the Warriors on Monday night?  Lockdown defense as they restricted Golden State to 14 fourth quarter points.  Which path will lead to profit for Game Two of this final at 9PM EST on May 18th?

Western Conference Finals : Multiple Warrior Issues

For the regular season record setting Warriors, they have not lost two games in a row all season.  The Warriors have no easy answers as their were many problems to fix in a short amount of time.

  1. Curry had seven turnovers to seven assists
  2. Splash brothers made only one shot of ten in the fourth
  3. Lost the war on the boards 52-44

The third point is the most salient.  How does this jump shooting team counter the traditional rebounding advantage that the Thunder had not only over them but almost everyone else in the league.  On nights that Golden State does not shoot well, this series might even be beyond their talent.

Durant and Westbrook Struggled

This was point that have some Warrior fans in a panic.  Neither of the two superstars from Oklahoma City had stellar games. Westbrook in particular had a rough time physically.  He hurt his hand on the first play of the game.  Bogut fouled him hard across the face and got an Intentional One infraction called on him.  All of this and it was the role players that came up huge for the Thunder.  Ibaka and Admas both had double digits on the boards.  The hidden aspect to these rebounds is that the second chances translated to a decisive advantage at the free throw line.  32 to 17 or anywhere above double digits puts the other team behind the eight ball for this series.

Spread opened up larger than it was for Game One. – 8 1/2 has even gone to -9 on the Warriors.  These are people playing the numbers game saying that GS has to shoot better.  OKC has the one advantage that is a constant each night.  Rebounding.  Work hard on the board.  Opponents might out shoot you for a game or two but not over the course of a best of seven if you win the rebounding margin.  Thunder does it again tonight with the +9 cover in Game Two.  Good fortune and we will see you on Thursday here at HRWager.


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