What Was Learned From Last Week for This Sudnay

Impressions come in two different flavors.  First off are the immediate ones that club us over the head.  The Miami Dolphins are one of those that we will discuss.  Those that require a degree of digestion are ones that come after unearthing stats and contemplating how it could affect our wagering for the next week.  So here at HRWager we present a few from each class to propel your NFL Betting prospects this weekend.

It was Philbin


Miami came out and absolutely stomped the Titans 38-10.  A few offensive changes did not make that grand of a difference.  It came with the attitude and liberation from the previous coach.  When your hired gun, Suh, comes in and says its not going to work by ignoring direct commands then something had to give.  Kudos for the Dolphins realizing that this is a player’s league and their $60M guaranteed contract better approve of the next coach.  Through effort and a resurgent run game, the Texans will see what they could have if they ditch their coach.  Look for Houston to phone it in.  Take – 4 1/2 on Miami.

Rushing Attacks

Top ten rushers in the league.  Only one of them, Adrian Peterson, was a first rounder.  This digests into two things.  First is that the offensive line is more of a key than people realize.  Secondly is that, the running game can turnaround quickly without top tier talent.  Look for the Raiders to make the jump here.  They just need to spell their starter 10 to 15 percent of the time.  He was too tired and coughed up the ball twice against the Bears.  Oakland does this and covers against the Chargers this Sunday.


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