Will Novak Falter Like Serena in Australian Open Final?

A tasty treat for those that could smell upset in the Australian Open Final?  The women’s side saw one of the perpetual victims rise up and finally beat Serena.  So now that the women’s legend has faltered in two straight finals, will Novak stumble here as well?  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today we will look at the current from of both Novak and Andy Murray coming into this one.  Djokovic is a -500 favorite but Ms Williams was much more chalky and she stumbled.  So without any further ado, let us see what the prospects are of a second straight upset in consecutive days of tennis wagering.

First Title and Up to #2

This stat still reveals the pecking order of womens tennis.  26 Finals in Grand Slams with just five losses.  However, Ms. Williams has not won a major in two straight tournaments.  The winner wag Angelique Kerber who had to save a match point in the first round.  A three set thriller that saw Serena go wild with all sorts of unforced errors.  This is the key trait that could still derail Novak.  With her first ever Grand Slam singles win, Kerber will move up to #2 in the world.  That is the state of women’s tennis that a win can get you that high because of Serena’s still insurmountable lead in the rankings.

-500 and 100

Australian Open 2016

Key numbers to consider of the Novak vs Andy early Sunday morning.   Murray had to muster everything he had to beat Milos Raonic in five tough sets to get to the final.  He even had to play the much later of the two semis.  Meanwhile, Novak rolls on.  Crushed Kei in three and let one lone set slip in his semi against Federer.  However the -500 favorite had moments of Serena in his match against Simon this tournament.  Over 100 unforced errors caused many raised eyebrows as the five set marathon stunned many viewers.  Now this is the nagging question going in, will Novak blow up again this fortnight?

At his advanced age, Roger Federer is still the closest rival to Novak.  Andy Murray is next but he just hangs around to hope that Novak will implode.  This is not a grass surface nor the crowds in England.  Much better and truer bounce for the deep strokes of Novak to penetrate the court with.  However, the error fest against Simon prevents us from eating the -500 chalk.  On rare occasions, fortune favors the prudent in sports investing.  Our free pick is to watch the match as a fan and enjoy.  Murray should be gassed after the five set match but the -500 is too much to eat on something that could transform into more than a mere cakewalk.  Good fortune in college basketball today and we will check in tomorrow here at the HRW.




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