Wimbledon Parlay Profit in Early Rounds

Wimbledon Parlay


2016 Wimbledon Parlay wagers propel profit even on large moneyline matches.  Good morning to all at HRWager.  Early rounds of Wimbledon give us plenty of action but what happens when you want to bet on the bigger names?  A lot of ML chalk to eat.  Now we have the parlay wager to help defray some of that cost.  SO let us look at whom we like and how we can get better prices by bundling them together here at HRWager.

Wimbledon Parlay : Rising Stars on Men’s Side

New names on the men’s side have a better chance of making their name here than any other Grand Slam event.  Power tennis at its finest as the points can be pinball at times.  Today, we look at two players rising the ranks of the ATP right now.  Alexander Zverev is the youngest person in the Top 50 and is beating the likes of Federer as of late.  He is getting a chalk price near -500 over Mathieu.  Dominic Theim has had potential for a few years and has grown into it.  Theim is ready for a roll here as well.  His ML is a little bit better at -255.  Parlay them together for a better return.  The payout pays near $1.67 for every dollar bet at HRWager provided both win their first round.

Old Guard

Names that are famous but without a Slam title take our second Parlay.  Isner is pure power serving and wins tiebreaks with ease here.  He has a ML -195 against an aging Marco in the first.  Caroline Wozniacki is always a fitness hound and she is on a decent roll here.  Kuznetsova is her foe in the first round.  The Russian is making more than a good living just being mentally tough out there.  Caroline has too much for this aging player and the -150’ish ML is a gift.  Parlay the two together give a $1.00 ratio return of $2.52 return for this parlay.

Good fortune in the early rounds.  We love them and have provided a method to ease the vig on the big names.  Now bet the ML’s, combine the results, and have the paydays pour in.  Thanks again and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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