Get on Your Feet

Seldom does a nation set aside their differences and come together in unison. This phenomenon occurs once every four years, however, as the best players in the world face off in the world’s most popular sport. The stage will be set in Russia for a show the entire world will be tuning into. HRWager is throwing a party you will not want to miss. We are introducing our World Cup Props Contest. This unique event is offering $2,000 in prizes. Put your World Cup knowledge to the test. Don’t miss out on your chance to walk away a winner!


The four contestants who prove to be the most knowledgeable will be rewarded with prizes in the amounts shown below. Ties are won by the entry submitted first, so be sure to get your picks in quickly. Time is of the essence. What are you waiting for?

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Step 1: Make a deposit of $250 or more.

Step 2: Receive a 200% FREE PLAY bonus PLUS an entry to our World Cup Props Contest.

Step 3: Log into your HRWager account and submit your answers to the props contest. Repeat these steps as often as you want. Each deposit gives you another entry.

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This opportunity only comes around once every four years. You think you know soccer? You think you know the World Cup? Prove it! Make your deposit and play now.