World Cup Qualifying : Brazil at Argentina 11/12

ah the heavenly heights have the traditional world powers fallen in World Cup qualifying.  First Holland failed to make it into the field for the next Euro tournament.  Now South America is having a shake up among their elite.  Brazil’s fall has been of note since they hosted the World Cup in 2014.  Now Argentina is having more than their fair share of problems trying to qualify for Russia.  They now meet on the 12th of November in an almost must win for both nations.  HRWager sees definite value in of the wagers for this game.  Read on to extract high expectation from this game.

Brazil Rebound

World Cup Qualifying

Neymar is back and his return could not come back a moment too soon.  Dunga is back as manager for this team.  His no nonsense approach wore his welcome out in 2010 but Brazil brought him back as they bombed in 2014.  The counter attacking approach with Neymar, Hulk, and Costa should have enough punch against Argentina.  Normally this would be more of a question but Argentina come in very down for this one.


Messi is out and now so is Aguero.  Without them, they have had to tap into older players that previously did not make the cut for the first games of qualifying.  Their power outage has been known for some time but they fell completely flat in a 2-0 loss against Ecuador.  Paraguay held them to a scoreless draw and now they are in dire straights.  Momentum and man power are at an all time low for this Argentina program.

The + 1/2 goal has some value but the real gold can be extracted in the three way line.  Brazil to win gives a +200 or more right now.  In the heart of Argentina this is not the best of bets but this circumstance is unusual.  Linesmakers have dropped the ball with this one.  Brazil is desperate and have a sniff of momentum coming in.  Wager this for your high expectation play of the day for 11/12.


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