WTA Aussie Open Primer in Brisbane

Women’s tennis is about to come back full force as the 2016 season starts.  With the first Slam event a scant two weeks away, bouncing blondes took center stage in the Brisbane International.  Most of the dominant ladies got through no problem, but one up and comer last year stubbed her toe in the first round.  Find out whom faltered and what other high ranked woman had a harder than expected time from the get go.  Welcome to HRWager as our eyes focus on Down Under for some tennis profit later this month.

Timea Tamed

timea tamed

While the #12 player in the world losing to someone in the top thirty  is not the greatest upset, a 6-2 6-1 loss could mean more than a bad day.  Pavlyuchenkova’s power game can produce results like this but Timea have had to help in the upset.  This does two things.  First, it gets people to back off on the futures for the Aussie Open on Timea because the price will not fall to where it should be to retain profit.  Secondly, now we get to see Pavlyuchenkova try to steam roll the counter punching Cornet.  Alize has the potential to cause grand upsets in Australia if her head is on right.  Watch this to determine the form she is in for the first part of 2016.

Upcoming Matches of Note

Here we get to see if Cibulkova can troubleshoot her game in mid tourney run.  She needed three sets and a frantic third set comeback to advance to the second round.  Now she gets either Maria or Makarova next.  Meanwhile, Azarenka takes the court as the top seed today.  She has one of the few complete games that can rival Serena.  It has usually been a fitness thing with her as those extra pounds she carries both slows her down and has her suffer in two week long tourneys.

Aza’s physique should be the first thing to note from Brisbane.  Cornet and how she handles a hot power player will also be interesting.  Finally, Cibulkova could do damage down under.  How will she react in the next round?  Tune in to HRWager as we cover the steps leading up to and including the 2016 Australian Open.  Good fortune today and we will see you later with an NFL Free Pick to profit by.


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