WTA News : Maria to Retire on 3/7?

WTA News Maria Retiring

HRWager’s hot line has been ringing off the hook with WTA News.  Maria Sharapova is almost certainly going to announce her retirement on Monday, March 7th.  The five time Grand Slam winner has called for a press conference at 3PM EST in Los Angeles.  We here at HRWager are here to applaud her career, look at the likelihood of the rumors being true, and what lies in the future for the blonde bombshell of women’s tennis.


WTA News : All over the Globe

Major press organization spanning multiple continents are reporting this.  Bangkok, Sydney, and Washington are just a few of the locales fanning the flames of this story.  A recent rash of successive and nagging injuries have finally made Maria call it quits.  The shoulder injury greatly limited her serve as a weapon.  Without this, she relied on her mental toughness to gut out many matches.  Now a left arm injury has had her shelved since the Aussie Open.  When one has to work so much harder than the rest of the field, it takes a toll on the body.

Not Age but Length of Career

Shockingly, Maria Sharapova is only 28.  It seems she has been an eternal fixture in the game.  Her career started in 2001.  That win at Wimbledon in 2014 when she was barely 17 put her on the map for the world to embrace.  She won a singles title every year from 2003 to 2015.  Other than complaints about on court noise, she has been one of the best ambassadors the game has seen.  Over a decade at high level tennis is enough to wear anyone down.

On court earnings eclipsing $36 million dollars is considerable but pales in comparison to the massive amount of money she makes in endorsements and off the court business ventures.  Her Sugarpova candy line is taking off.  We here at HRWager are sad to see here go.  All of us wish her the best when she makes that anticipated  retirement announcement on the 7th.  Good fortune to the rest of the day and we will see you on Tuesday here at the HRW.


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