Let us introduce you to a convenient method available for funding your account.

ZPay is an easy deposit method that allows you to make transfers without paying any transaction fees!

All you need to use this simple method is to own a valid American bank account so that you can send your transfer directly into our own bank account with a few clicks.

Set Up Your ZPay Account

Here’s how everything works, step by step:

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1- Step number one is to get into your bank account to check if the ZPay option is available for you. You can also download the ZPay app for a smoother experience.

2- Once you verify that ZPay is available, you must sign up. Just click on the ZPay option, and you’ll get a welcome pop up window.

3- If you have multiple accounts with the same bank, you’ll be prompted to choose your favorite account at the next screen.


4- Then, you need to confirm your actual phone number or email address. The bank will be sending you an email confirmation or an SMS for this purpose.

5- If everything went well, you’ll get a “success” confirmation screen.


Sending Us Your Deposit, Easy Step-By-Step Process

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1- To actually send your deposit, the first step must be to click on the “Send Money Now” ZPay pop up window inside your bank account transfer screen.
2- The following step must be to choose your desired bank account from a drop-down menu (this is only if you have multiple bank accounts, if not, you will just need to confirm your actual account).
3- The next pop up screen will show you a box where you need to add our email address for the transfer. Please contact us at 1-833-694-4268 to receive the necessary information.

4- Once you have confirmed our email address and the other requested details for the deposit, all you’ll need to do is to contact us with such info. Once we verify the transfer, the funds will be deposited into your account within minutes.
5- No more steps! At this point, you can go inside your HRWager account and start placing bets with your new funds!

As you can see, making a deposit into your player account with us is as simple as hitting a few clicks with your phone…

And, if you require extra information in order to make a ZPay transfer, we kindly ask you to contact us ASAP so that we can provide you with any necessary details.